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HVAC Installation Service in Willow Glen, California

AC Installation and Replacement Willow Glen, CA

Since 2013, we have been a Willow Glen certified air conditioning specialist. We have extensive experience with any type of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We offer a full range of services for air conditioning systems and heat pumps: design, installation, commissioning and service.

All approved refrigerants are available from us and we can also replace refrigerants for you. Services for private clients. Consultancy as well as planning, installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Components: evaporators, heat exchangers, condensers and their components such as condensers, compressors.

Professional installation, safe operation and energy efficiency of the cooling system are still indispensable in commercial premises and residential complexes. As a certified air conditioning specialist, we are qualified to meet your air conditioning requirements: professional HVAC Installation, smooth and safe operation, continuous service, energy efficient operation

Heat Pump and Furnace Installation and Replacement Willow Glen, CA

HVAC-Install is certified as a heat pump installer. Our area of activity is the Willow Glen area, sometimes even beyond it. We work independently of manufacturers and carry out maintenance as an authorized service partner. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can also repair the electrics and mechanics of heat pumps if necessary.

Heat pumps are available in a wide variety of designs and for a variety of applications. Before installation, we recommend our customers to use our practical recommendations. Here are some examples of what we take into account:

Hybrid heat pump operation with existing gas heating or oil heating. A circulating heat pump in the basement of an old building can dehumidify the basement at the same time. If under floor heating is used, it may be more efficient to operate two heat pumps. In this constellation, the second device pays for itself very quickly: separate DHW heat pump that operates at night, slightly smaller single heat pump for under floor heating.

Your individually best solution is the result of a collaborative discussion on your site. Your requirements and existing construction technology are taken into account. It's always about minimizing costs and maximizing benefits.

All brands and models that we install and serve: