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HVAC-Install is Fremont's exclusive installation partner for premium air conditioning systems. Our customers are air conditioning companies throughout Fremont. For our success, we rely heavily on customer support through partnerships.

An air conditioner is a device that extracts heat from indoor air using electrical energy and releases it to the environment (outside air, groundwater or soil) to cool indoor spaces.

These simplified definitions show at a glance that heat pumps and air conditioning systems perform the same function, only in reverse. While the term "air conditioner" refers to devices that conduct heat from the inside to the outside, it is exactly the opposite with heat pumps: they conduct heat from the outside to the inside.

Modern split air conditioners are also heat pumps. The technology behind these apps is basically the same and works just like your refrigerator. In modern split air conditioning systems, you can switch from cooling to heating and vice versa. Therefore, they are also more appropriately referred to as air-to-air heat pumps, which can be used all year round: in winter to heat and in summer to cool a building.

Heat Pump and Furnace Installation and Replacement Saratoga, CA

Air-to-air heat pump, air conditioner, air-to-water heat pump: these terms are talked about a lot these days. It is often unclear what exactly they mean. Is the air conditioner also a heat pump? Where are the differences? And above all, what should you look out for if you are looking for an alternative for your oil or gas heating, or if you want to cool your home in the summer? The easiest way to explain things is often to look at their function first.

A heat pump Installation is a device that extracts heat from the environment (outside air, groundwater or ground) using electricity and raises it to an acceptable higher temperature to heat buildings or other objects.

What types of heat pumps are there? The name of a heat pump always consists of two media used: first, it is the medium from which heat is extracted (environmental energy). After that comes the medium through which the heat is transferred. Air-to-air heat pump, Air/water heat pump, Brine-air heat pump, Geothermal water heat pump.

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