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HVAC Installation Service in Redwood City, California

AC Installation and Replacement Redwood City, CA

We install your air conditioning system, install air conditioners of all power levels, take care of heat pumps and take care of their maintenance. In all our work, we monitor your electricity and heating costs.

We install and repair air conditioning systems for private use. Air conditioning technologies are special supply technologies that are often installed together with heat pumps. Air conditioning and refrigeration technologies regulate temperature, humidity and air quality according to predetermined values. The optimal room temperature ensures an individual comfortable climate in both the private and commercial sector. Our experienced air conditioning technicians perform all kinds of maintenance and installation for you in the Redwood City area.

In air conditioning technology, reliable operation and long-term value retention of a system can only be guaranteed with professional care and maintenance. Our experienced air conditioning specialists know this and are always at your disposal. We always reliably and professionally service your individual system.

Heat Pump and Furnace Installation and Replacement Redwood City, CA

Heat pumps – economical all-rounders. Although it sounds like a component, a heat pump is a stand-alone heater. Heat is extracted from the environment and given off to radiators. Heat pumps play an important role in refrigeration and air conditioning technology. Heat pump technology is not only suitable for heating, as a heat pump with integrated air conditioning extracts heat from the indoor air and thus cools the building. Thus, the heat pump is a universal device in the field of refrigeration and AC installation. This technology can be used to create a great air conditioning system that even saves energy costs. Conversely, heating costs are also saved.

We are experts in the devices we install and we know what needs to be done so that you can save as much energy and heating costs as possible. We check the operation of your heat pumps or your air conditioning system, we take care of the air conditioning technology you have installed. We check the operation of all your systems, replace environmentally friendly refrigerants and perform leak tests, or replace and disinfect pipe filters if necessary. Our repair service is available for you around the clock, especially in case of emergency. We guarantee continuous, flawless and energy efficient operation of your system.

All brands and models that we install and serve: