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HVAC Installation Service in Los Gatos, California

AC Installation and Replacement Los Gatos, CA

Modern air conditioning systems for efficient heating or cooling of residential and commercial premises. A professionally installed air conditioning system allows you to heat and cool several residential or office premises at the same time. The air conditioning in the room is also particularly energy efficient! For optimal air conditioning of residential and office premises, we primarily install the following air conditioning systems: airstage VRF system, inverter multi-split systems, simultaneous multisystem. Using various air conditioning systems, we find individual solutions for every need, which we design and build purposefully.

Airstage VRF system. High energy efficiency and comfortable air conditioning. This multi-split air conditioner cools and heats 2-4 rooms independently as needed. The air conditioning of the room is carried out by only one outdoor unit. In addition, the stepless power adjustment ensures the highest level of comfort.

Inverter multi-split systems for air conditioning in hotels or residential buildings. Thanks to the inverter technology used, the blowing temperature of the indoor units can also be adjusted as needed. During transitional periods, heating can be carried out particularly efficiently and inexpensively with an integrated heat pump. Of course, different designs of indoor units can also be combined with an inverter multi-split system. The HVAC system installation is thus optimally adapted to your individual requirements.

Simultaneous multi - air conditioning is especially suitable for cooling or heating large rooms . With just one outdoor unit and two to three identical indoor units, an extremely even temperature level is created in the living room or office. At the same time drafts are avoided.

Heat Pump and Furnace Installation and Replacement Los Gatos, CA

Heat pumps - heating with renewable energy. Cozy warmth with air-to-air heat pumps and air-to-water heat pumps. Use the heat of air, soil or groundwater! With a heat pump, you can also use regenerative energy for efficient space heating!

As a progressive and market-oriented refrigeration and air conditioning service in Los Gatos, we are happy to serve you as a contact person with a high level of know-how - whether it is an air-to-air heat pump installation or an air-to-air heat pump installation.

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