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HVAC Installation Service in Fremont, California

AC Installation and Replacement Fremont, CA

HVAC-Install is a competent partner who is always up to date with the latest air conditioning technology. Our air conditioning and refrigeration specialist company has been serving numerous customers in for many years. As a full service provider, we advise and install air conditioning systems. The long-term satisfaction of our customers is always our priority. We achieve this through the optimum quality of our systems and services. Pre-planning of the air conditioning system plays an extremely important role in creating the ideal air conditioning system. Because only with the correct selection of the parameters of the air conditioner, an optimal result is achieved.

We assemble/install air conditioning installation in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, malls, single family homes, condominiums and other properties. For the correct operation of the refrigeration system, it is necessary to regularly check the pressure, temperature, superheat and subcooling of the system.

Heat Pump and Furnace Installation and Replacement Fremont, CA

A heat pump allows you to comfortably cool your apartment in the winter at a low cost. On the other hand, in winter they provide more efficient heating than conventional gas, liquid or electric heating, using the free energy of the environment. We offer high quality solutions in this regard.

A heat pump is a unit that is ideal for both heating and cooling. But how does it work? In heating mode, heat energy is absorbed from the environment and released inside. This works through heat exchangers in devices connected by a so-called refrigeration circuit. The electricity used is not used directly for heating, but only for the operation of the circuit and the control of the device. Thus, it is also possible to heat with a heat pump many times more efficiently than with gas, electric or oil heating. And it is also environmentally valuable by using the free energy of the environment.

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