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HVAC Installation Service in Fairfield, California

AC Installation and Replacement Fairfield, CA

As a specialist company for the installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioners and heat pumps, we are not only well versed in the technology, but have been working with it for over a decade.

Maintenance suggestions. We will be happy to provide you with a proposal for the maintenance of your air conditioning systems. This applies to heat pumps, air conditioning systems, air conditioners, mono- and multi-split systems, VRF systems.

Continuous maintenance of your systems improves operational reliability and ensures long-term economical operation. During regular maintenance, possible defects are identified and eliminated in agreement with the customer. In this way, system failure is minimized and contributes to operational safety.

Maintenance or servicing of air conditioning systems places special demands on the technician, which he can only fulfill with extensive experience and constant training. Every air conditioner we install is an air/air heat pump, so our customers can not only cool with these units, they can also heat them!

Heat Pump and Furnace Installation and Replacement Fairfield, CA

Our air/air heat pumps are particularly suitable for heating private and commercial premises during the transition period. Whether it is the construction of such systems, individually tailored to your needs, or services such as maintenance, inspections, repairs and troubleshooting. Thanks to our know-how and trained staff, we are able to professionally replace individual components, locate and fix leaks and refill refrigerant.

As part of the cooling service, our staff evaluates the performance of your system and explores options for optimizing energy consumption. Especially in a heating system based on regenerative energy, all work must be carried out by a specialist with appropriate training and the necessary qualifications.

It doesn't matter to our customer service specialists what type of structure it serves, where it is installed: at a gas station, in a restaurant, in a bedroom, in an office building, in a data center, in a control center, in a server room. We service VRF and VRV systems (installation systems with one outdoor unit and several indoor units). On newer systems, this is done using laptops.

All brands and models that we install and serve: