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HVAC Installation Service in Burlingame, California

AC Installation and Replacement Burlingame, CA

Installing air conditioning system. Have you decided to buy a split air conditioning system, but would like to know exactly what happens during installation? Here we briefly explain what to expect. We assume that you get an indoor unit in the bedroom, for example, and an outdoor unit in the adjacent garage. Our assemblers usually come in pairs with all the necessary accessories. To mount the indoor units, the wall bracket is first mounted, to which the indoor unit is screwed.

If you decide that a specialized company will install the AC installation system, it is better to get information about the possibilities of service in advance.

Heat Pump and Furnace Installation and Replacement Burlingame, CA

A heat pump is an economical and environmentally friendly heating system. Heat is removed from the environment through a system of heat exchangers. In the heat pump, it is brought to a higher temperature level in the so-called refrigeration circuit and can therefore be used for heating.

The cyclic process that takes place in a heat pump consists of 4 components: evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve. The carrier of thermal energy is a refrigerant with an extremely low boiling point.

In the compressor, the gaseous refrigerant is brought to a higher temperature level by compression. This device requires external electrical energy.

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