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The corporation — YORK International has been the largest independent manufacturer of equipment for air conditioning, ventilation, heating and cooling systems for 125 years — represents the most modern and advanced technologies on the world market.

The history of YORK International began in 1874, when the YORK manufacturing company was opened in York (Pennsylvania). In 1885, the first ice machine was manufactured, which was successfully sold to a customer from Mississippi. In 1898, the YORK Company began to develop active activities outside the United States. At this time, its products began to be purchased in Japan. By the 20s of the XX century, the Chinese market was conquered. York Air Conditioning Installation in San Jose.

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York Furnaces Installation in San Jose, CA

In 1922, YORK became the main supplier of refrigeration units for the dairy industry in England and entered the European market. There are many significant events in the history of the transformation of the small company "YORK" into the largest international corporation "YORK International":

  • 1903 A humidity control system was created, which found application in the Carnegie Steel company — for the first time a connection between industrial refrigeration and air conditioning was established.
  • 1928 The first free-standing room air conditioner weighing 600 pounds was released.
  • 1948 The first automatic ice machine for hotels, restaurants and hospitals was introduced.
  • 1968 The world's largest water-cooled air conditioning system is installed at the World Trade Center in New York.
  • 1976 The first microprocessor-controlled heat pump was released.
  • 1986 "YORK International" becomes the world's largest independent manufacturer of equipment for air conditioning systems.
  • 1991 For the first time in the USA, a two-stage gas-absorbed refrigerating machine was developed.
  • 1992 YORK International Company was registered in Russia, and its subsidiary CJSC York International was opened in Moscow YORK Concern is one of the 500 largest companies in the world. The largest manufacturer of refrigeration equipment and refrigeration technologies for 125 years.

York Furnaces Installation in San Jose.

York Heat Pump Installation in San Jose, CA

They offer three different product lines, each with various models of energy efficiency. But that's not all – York also offers good warranties, such as a 10-year limited parts warranty and a 1-year labor warranty.

York furnaces are manufactured by York International Corporation. They also supply central heating and cooling systems and other equipment. Johnson Controls Inc, a subsidiary of York, also manufactures mechanical products in addition to heating and cooling systems.

If you've been looking for reviews on York furnaces to get a brief idea of whether they are worth your time and investment, well, here's what can help clarify the situation. Turns out, yes! This easily translates to lower electricity bills, achieved by homeowners year after year.

Most York units come with variable-speed fans, ensuring quiet operation as well as gradual temperature increase and precise comfort levels in your home. Some of their installations are equipped with two-stage modulating furnaces, which are hard to find in most other furnace brands.

When it comes to providing warranties on their products, York leads the market compared to other brands – they offer a lifetime warranty on heat exchangers. York Heat Pump Installation in San Jose.