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Lennox Cooling and Heating Service

Lennox Air Conditioning Installation in San Jose, CA

LENNOX stands as one of the world's foremost manufacturers of a diverse array of climate control equipment designed for use in residential buildings, institutions, commercial structures, and industrial plants.

The company's origins trace back to the USA in 1895 when Dave Lennox founded it, initially dedicated to crafting coal stoves. In 1935, LENNOX pioneered the industry by introducing the first series of oil and gas air-fired ovens.

With a steadfast commitment, LENNOX has directed its efforts towards developing an extensive range of services aimed at ensuring the optimal and enduring functionality of their manufactured equipment. Every product within the LENNOX lineup is fine-tuned to utilize environmentally friendly refrigerants (R407C, R410A) and adheres to the most stringent environmental and regulatory standards." Lennox Air Conditioning Installation in San Jose.

Lennox in San Jose

Lennox Furnaces Installation in San Jose, CA

The Lennox gas air heating furnace is designed to work in air heating and air conditioning systems primarily in suburban and private homes. It has a compact housing design, the possibility of installation with air flow both from top to bottom and from bottom to top, as well as from right to left or vice versa.

Duct air conditioners, electronic filters, humidifiers and air sterilizers can be added to the air heating system of the house built on the basis of the Lennox air heating gas furnace, thus turning the air heating system into a full-fledged climate system that will not only provide the house with heat in the cold season, but also cool the air in summer, as well as maintain the house has optimal humidity and air cleanliness.

Lennox furnaces have gained great popularity because of their properties and qualities that favorably distinguish them from other types of heating. Lennox is one of the largest manufacturers of equipment for ventilation and heating systems and integrated climate systems based on it. Lennox Furnaces Installation in San Jose.

Lennox Heat Pump Installation in San Jose, CA

The air heating system is 1/7 of the capabilities of the Lennox integrated climate system, controlled by modern automation, capable of maintaining optimal temperature and humidity parameters in the climate of San Jose all year round.

Lennox heat pumps are designed to work as part of air heating systems for private homes, industrial facilities and warehouses.

Lennox series heat pumps operate on the basis of fan closers in cooling or heating mode. They are available in a wide size range, with different cooling performance.

Lennox single—compressor heat pumps have a cooling capacity of 7 - 17 kW. A wide range of this series allows them to be used everywhere solving air conditioning problems. They can be used in conjunction with ventilation systems from various manufacturers. Lennox Heat Pump Installation in San Jose.