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GREE Electric Appliances, Inc. was founded in 1991 in Hong Kong. The company specializes exclusively in the production of climate control equipment.

Over the course of twenty years, Gree Electric Appliances Inc. has evolved from a small provincial enterprise into a well-known manufacturer of air conditioners. Today, Gree holds the title of the world's largest air conditioning company, producing a wide range of climate equipment, including household and semi-industrial air conditioners, GMV multi-zone systems, industrial chillers, and fan coils. Gree Air Conditioning Installation in San Jose.

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Gree Furnaces Installation in San Jose, CA

In 2011, Gree established a branch in the United States to initiate local production and compete more actively with American companies. The total production capacity of Gree enterprises in 2011 reached 50 million household air conditioners and 5.5 million industrial air conditioners. Since 1995, Gree has consistently been featured in the list of the hundred largest Asian exporters. Starting from 1996, Gree has earned the annual recognition as the No. 1 company in China, and since 2005, it has achieved the status of a world leader in air conditioner production. Gree Furnaces Installation in San Jose.

Gree Heat Pump Installation in San Jose, CA

Presently, one out of every three air conditioners worldwide is manufactured at Gree's facilities. Gree's factories produce air conditioners for brands such as Dantex, Timberk, Panasonic, General Climate, Carrier, Air-Green, Korting, Neoclima, Electrolux, and Daikin. Raw materials and production components are procured in partnership with another well-known air conditioner manufacturer, Daikin company. Gree Heat Pump Installation in San Jose.