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Cooper&Hunter Air Conditioning Installation in San Jose, CA

The manufacturer Cooper&Hunter is a world—renowned air conditioning, ventilation and heating devices. The brand itself is registered in the USA and has a long history of manufacturing products and components of exceptionally high quality. The main direction in the development and sales of the company has been and remains climate control systems for commercial and household needs.

The countries of Europe, South and North America, Asia and Australia are well familiar with these products. Sales data show that COOPER&HUNTER is a manufacturer of reliable heaters and coolers capable of bringing the comfort of life and work of users to a new level.

You can see the confirmation of this yourself by looking at the facades of houses on the street, every third air conditioner installed over the past 5 years is COOPER & HUNTER brand units. And if we talk about the industrial segment that is used in hotels, shopping malls and other commercial real estate, then you will see this brand on most of these objects.

It was possible to achieve such indicators thanks to the constant development and improvement of production facilities, the introduction of modern innovations and the latest achievements, as well as service programs and high quality of service.

The production of air conditioners and heaters at the enterprise did not begin immediately. The first developments and sales in 1916 consisted of liquid radiators and coolers for air conditioners. And already further development and regular introduction of the latest technological processes allowed us to reach a new level of production of climate technology. So, in 1960, production workshops mastered the use of rotary screw compressors that exceeded the performance and endurance of all previous variants. From that moment on, the C&H trade brand became recognizable, well-known and coveted as a commercial partner. Cooper&Hunter Air Conditioning Installation in San Jose.

Cooper&Hunter in San Jose

Cooper&Hunter Furnaces Installation in San Jose, CA

Until 2003, production facilities were located exclusively in the United States. Only after the adoption of an important decision on the reorganization of the concern, in order to strengthen its leading position on the sales floor of microclimate devices, production went beyond America. This allowed us to open representative offices in Europe, Asia and Australia and build our own factory in China. And in addition, to conclude many contracts for the supply of spare parts for their products from other brands with a worldwide reputation.

To date, the company has a large number of facilities where modern production has been established with the use of robotics and production automation systems.

Since the demand and needs of buyers regularly increase and change, the varieties of equipment and equipment offered increase along with them. As of 2020, Cooper&Hunter is the manufacturer of such categories:

  • multifunctional household inverter air conditioners (mobile models, wall mounting, window arrangement, channel, column, cassette connection, economical inverter, multi-zone industrial systems, multi-split systems, etc.)
  • air-to-air heat pumps air-to-water
  • humidifiers of various types
  • humidity dehumidifiers and high-efficiency cleaners
  • industrial and household water coolers and deep water purification systems
  • electric heaters (infrared and convectors)
  • Great attention is paid to each category at any stage of development and manufacture. All equipment is tested for compliance with the high requirements and quality standards established in various countries

Cooper&Hunter Furnaces Installation in San Jose.

Cooper&Hunter Heat Pump Installation in San Jose, CA

The factory has special laboratories in which the real temperature is reproduced from -30 ° C to +54 ° for testing air conditioners in various conditions. All the stated characteristics are documented and you can be completely sure that you will get the highest level of comfort when using Cooper&Hunter products. The C&H brand boasts that:

  • defects in production and the number of breakdowns is less than 0.2%
  • component testing and functional verification are 100% of units
  • the approved environmentally safe freon R32 is used
  • the developed and applied programs "Perfect Product Strategy" and "Global Quality Control" allow us to achieve stable indicators in the quality of factory equipment and products

In addition to the described features, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the design solution of the appearance of products is not of the last importance. Air conditioners are able to harmoniously fit into the modern design of apartments, houses, office and industrial premises. They will not only create a comfortable microclimate, but will also decorate the room. Cooper&Hunter Heat Pump Installation in San Jose.