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Coleman Cooling and Heating Service

Coleman Air Conditioning Installation in San Jose, CA

Coleman has a long history of manufacturing heating and cooling appliances. The company offers affordably-priced HVAC equipment that is resilient against atmospheric conditions. Furthermore, they provide one of the best warranties in the industry, along with a money-back guarantee.

In 1958, Coleman began producing climate control equipment and expanded its product line to include mini-split systems, thermostats, and air dehumidifiers, in addition to air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces.

Today, Coleman is part of the Johnson Controls family, which also includes York and Luxaire. Coleman and York share not only similar air conditioning product lines but also manufacture their products in the same Texas-based facility.

Whether it's an air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace, Coleman's systems are considered a viable option for homeowners. For instance, the most efficient central air conditioner can cost as low as $4000, including installation.

Reviewers note that Coleman's products for air conditioning systems are durable. They also highlight that Coleman's units are elegant and compact, making them a great choice for smaller homes.

Coleman's air conditioning systems also come with one of the best warranties in the industry. If you register your equipment within 90 days of installation, you'll receive a 10-year limited parts warranty and one year of free labor for repairs. Additionally, some units come with a lifetime limited warranty on compressors or heat exchangers. Coleman's Complete Assurance limited warranty on certain models even allows you to get a brand-new unit if the heat exchanger fails.

According to reviewers, similar to York's products, Coleman models are generally efficient and quiet. However, if you're seeking cutting-edge technologies, Coleman might not be the brand you're looking for. The company offers reliable air conditioners, many of which can connect to smart thermostats or adjust to outdoor temperatures using the Coleman Climate Connect feature. Nonetheless, reviewers mention that Coleman devices are not the most technologically advanced. However, what they lack in innovation, they compensate for with outstanding reliability. Coleman also offers a money-back guarantee, allowing you to get a full refund and uninstall the equipment if it doesn't meet your expectations. Coleman Air Conditioning Installation in San Jose.

Coleman in San Jose

Coleman Furnaces Installation in San Jose, CA

While Coleman doesn't publish prices on their website, according to reviewers, the company sells mid-priced air conditioning systems. Its products are not the most expensive on the market, nor the cheapest. Overall, reviewers note that Coleman offers a good balance between price and quality, especially considering its excellent warranty, which includes a year of labor. Furthermore, equipment comes with a money-back guarantee if it's installed by a certified Coleman technician.

Thanks to their energy efficiency, many Coleman products are eligible for local and federal discounts. You can further reduce initial installation costs for your Coleman system by financing your equipment. Coleman offers financing through Synchrony Financial. For those who can't qualify for traditional credit, financing is available through Fortiva retail credit.

Coleman offers two tiers of products: Echelon and LX. Most units fall under the LX category, ranging from basic options to units with noteworthy energy efficiency and capabilities. Those seeking premium Coleman features, highest energy efficiency, and the best warranties should opt for the Echelon series.

Coleman offers eight models of air conditioners. Their premium unit boasts a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of up to 21 and can operate silently at 53 decibels, making it one of the quietest models on the market. Moreover, the Climate Connect technology allows fine-tuning of the system based on indoor and outdoor conditions. On the other hand, Coleman's basic models are affordable and durable options, using the R-410a refrigerant that does not deplete the ozone layer. Generally, Coleman central air conditioners are equipped with:

  • SEER ratings from 13 to 21
  • Sound levels reaching 53 decibels
  • Compatibility with Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats on Echelon models
  • Powder coat consumption during salt spray application on top models is 1000 hours

Coleman Furnaces Installation in San Jose.

Coleman Heat Pump Installation in San Jose, CA

Coleman offers seven heat pump variations, starting from a compact horizontal unit for small spaces and ending with the top-tier HC20. This premium-class device boasts a SEER rating of up to 21 and a sound level of 54 decibels. Like its variable-speed counterpart, it features Climate Connect technology that adjusts power for minimal energy consumption. Basic models might lack the same energy efficiency but are highly durable. Coleman's heat pumps usually come with:

  • SEER ratings from 21 to 15
  • Sound levels reaching 54 decibels
  • Compatibility with Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats on Echelon models
  • Powder coat consumption during salt spray application on top models is 1000 hours

Coleman offers a wide array of dependable gas furnaces. Nine out of 17 models have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 90% or more, while the rest have an AFUE of 80%. To enhance energy efficiency, many models are equipped with two-stage gas valves, speed-regulating technology, and compatibility with smart thermostats for even more control. Overall, Coleman furnaces are characterized by:

  • AFUE ratings up to 98%
  • Compatibility with smart thermostats on some models
  • Built-in self-diagnostic functions on some units
  • Option to convert to propane gas

Coleman also sells air handlers, evaporator coils, mini-split systems, packaged units, and industrial-specific furnaces. Additionally, Coleman offers a range of indoor air quality improvement products, including fans, air purifiers, and humidifiers. Coleman Heat Pump Installation in San Jose.